Original Yamaha F310 Price in Bangladesh

Yamaha F310 Price in Bangladesh

The Yamaha F310 is an acoustic guitar praised for its powerful sound and long sustain. High-quality materials and careful craftsmanship go into the construction of this guitar. High-quality materials and cautious craftsmanship go into the building of this guitar.

The F310 is perfect for novices because of its low weight and simple design. These are a few of the guitar’s other features. Less than six pounds in weight and the Original Yamaha F310 Price in Bangladesh is not too high. It can be purchased at a low price through the local internet retailer musicpoint.com.bd.

To provide the greatest possible playing experience, Yamaha equipped the F310 with high-quality wood and sturdy hardware. The top of the guitar is fashioned from spruce, while the sides and back are meranti. Yamaha’s renowned quality assurance is also included in this instrument. This means it can compete with high-end models without sacrificing the user’s enjoyment of the game.

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Yamaha F310 Price in Bangladesh


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Yamaha F310
Body Top – Spruce

Sides and back – Locally sourced tonewood

Bridge Rosewood
Neck Locally sourced tonewood
Frets 20 frets
Fretboard Rosewood
Neck Shape Slim Taper
Fingerboard radius R400 mm (15 3/4″)
Scale length 634 mm (25″)
Nut width 43 mm
Tuners Die Cast Chrome
Recommended retail price 14500.00 BDT


What are the Specific Features Available in Yamaha F310?


You’ll always be aware of Yamaha. Their years at the forefront of engineering innovation in various fields are plain. In the world of guitars, the Yamaha F310 is considered to be the most playable instrument ever made. The body is crafted from various tonewoods that are both cost-effective and up to par with the standards of the guitar-making business.


The top of the F310 is made of spruce. Luthiers favor spruce for its high-quality tone, natural resonance, and durability. The same locally sourced tonewoods and a rosewood fretboard are used in the neck’s construction as went into the body. A fraction of an inch shorter than standard, it measures just 634mm long. In conjunction with the slimmer neck profile, this minor change makes the instrument more approachable for players of all skill levels. The Yamaha F310’s affordable price tag is a significant selling point and it is one of the best guitars in Bangladesh. The F310 targets musicians on a tighter budget due to its low price.


The huge dreadnought-shaped body of this guitar can be limiting for some players. As its name implies, a full-body guitar produces a richer, fuller sound, but it limits access to the upper registers of the fretboard compared to its cutaway counterpart. You should be fine with this as a beginner since you’ll probably concentrate less on rapid fingerwork and more on chords, whether open or barred. This suggests that the F310 may be designed with a student’s budget guitar.


If you visit the Yamaha website, whether it’s to browse guitars, daydream about the motorcycling lifestyle, or double-check the accuracy of my history lecture, I recommend checking out their sustainability page. Yamaha is actively involved in the communities from which it obtains its timber in several ways. Sustainable forests, endangered tree species, waste reduction, and water conservation are some of the environmental goals that can be advanced with these measures. It’s fantastic stuff if you ask us!

Yamaha F310 Sound Quality


The Yamaha F310 is a guitar that more than holds its own despite its relatively low price guitar in Bangladesh. It claims to have sound quality on par with acoustics costing three times as much, and from the manufacturer’s standpoint, it’s hard to find fault. The F310 has a full and deep sound that evokes a traditional acoustic feel. It’s potent, and the dreadnought body style guarantees a lot of reverberation due to its massive size and roundness. Spruce and meranti woods combine to provide a pleasant, warm tone that is crisp, full, and articulate. These are features not necessarily present in an inexpensive acoustic.


Furthermore, the F310 has an ultra-thin lacquer finish, giving the instrument a beautiful sheen.The three most essential criteria to consider when purchasing a guitar are its build quality, tone, and playability. While some guitars include this feature, others do not, and the price tags reflect that. Overall, the Yamaha F310 performs admirably.


Because of the matte surface on the neck and the reduced scale length, you’ll be able to play any chord with ease, no matter how complex it is. The low action will help you build strength in your wrists if you’re starting. In addition, it provides a beautiful playing experience for more seasoned musicians, primarily by eliminating any bothersome fret chatter.


Why Yamaha F310 Special?


The Yamaha F310 is a great example of a well-rounded acoustic guitar, as it combines excellent tone, playability, and aesthetics with the precision engineering of Yamaha. Its approachable shape and versatile tone suit various styles and genres. It’s easy to picture some people writing off the Original Yamaha F310 Price in Bangladesh, assuming it lacks the quality necessary to satisfy their needs. In all honesty, it’s not the pinnacle of guitar building, but it has everything you’d want in an acoustic and more.


Making one of them requires skill, experience, and patience. You can tell when a guitar has been made with love and care just by playing it. Without a doubt, the Yamaha F310 offers superb cost-effectiveness.


This one may be the finest option for beginners when it comes to guitars. Not because it’s the most straightforward guitar to play or because it sounds the best, but because it meets so many other criteria. Those accolades it has garnered are not hard to understand.


If you’re looking for an acoustic guitar that can play both classical and country music, the Yamaha F310 is an excellent choice. In Bangladesh, we provide a wide selection of top-quality acoustic and electric guitars for sale online at affordable prices. We offer a wide selection of instruments. 


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